Christofer Döss Sex Exhib blog passed 3,000

This my new Sex Exhib Christofer Döss nude blog has just passed 3,000 page views.

That is off course awesome - even if I have a bit left to go before I reach the 200,000 my latest blog had, when it was flagged and shut down.

Me Christofer Döss Sex Exhib
right now.


Christofer Döss awesome parking lot play

When it is too cold to be outdoors naked, as it is now and like six to seven months forward, I use indoor public places for my self exposure pix & vidz and my show off opportunities instead.

Today I used a bicycle storage room and a couple of stairways (and yes, my not that public bathroom, before hitting the shower).

Afterwards I went in my car to an almost fully occupied parking lot outside a grocery store - just before dinner time after work. So as you can imagine there were lots of people around me when I got to play with myself. Awesome awesomeness!
Unfortunately I had to leave my phone at home to recharge the battery, so no vidz or pix were made that time...


Christofer Döss really love this life!

I really love this life! 

I sure am Christofer Döss the Swedish sexual exhibitionist aka the life enjoying bisexual nude model nakencrille – and I just looooove being naked, horny and erected in public places, outdoors as well as indoors, photographed and filmed, and afterwards awesomely exposed publicly online! 

I'm also into bondage. Stripped naked, tied up in a public place (like in a park or something) and then having my throbbing cock played with and also tied up, while being photographed and filmed (for online exposure along with my Christofer Döss Sexual Exhibitionist name) is my kink and absolute desire. It's soooo awesome!

So yes, that's why I really do love this life!


Christofer Döss awesome Google exposure

Being naken and erect on Google is pure awesomness!

Before my previous twitter account was removed I had more than 300,000 hits on Google, when googling my name Christofer Döss.

That was Heaven #7 for a sexual exhibitionist like me!

Now there are only, like 10-20,000 hits...

However... I do my very best to try and regain that awesome Google position, by exposing myself - my pix, vidz and name - on every thinkable way and place ever possible online.

Christofer Döss previous blog

Prior to this blog I had another one that unfortunately got shut down at over 200,000(!) page views.
Below are a few example pix from that blog: