Christofer Döss fan Tumblr blog post

Cum Eating Cocksucker!  Loves to Share Nude Pics of Himself with Everyone!

Out and about nude with a compulsion to share his pics online!  Not revenge porn a real honest exhibitionist. 💋

Sometimes to see how naked a cocksucker is you have to see one of the very few times he’s outside with closes on.  Well, from these pics we can see our cum eating friend took off his shirt right away. 😍

Yum!  Nice to see the glans on an uncircumcised man.  To be even more naked this adorable Swedish gay cum sucking cock sucker almost always takes his selfies with his glans showing.  Lucky us! 💓

Let’s talk body and facial hair.  I have a very hard time deciding if he’s better looking with full body hair, trimmed or gone.  The facial hair varies from picture to picture and I like them all.  Sex appeal and good looks are far more than physical, they also come from a self assurance and confidence that only a man thrilled to be exposed online can have.   👅

Contact him @nakencrilleexhib

Christofer Döss
Safirgränd 5
S-82531 Iggesund

Or call him at


Christofer Döss fans comments 1


Before my previous blog was shut down, beside pix and vidz, I had also published over 20 posts with only comments from my world wide fans, one to two A4 sheets at the time.

In order to do so again I have saved new comments for new blog posts here and this is the first comments post.

Here they are, unedited:


"I love your powerful Cum shots man!
Can't get enough of that hot juice exploding from your bushy cock!
Keep up producing such stuff and share it for us! 👍😜😜😉🏳️‍🌈💦🏳️‍🌈👍

"I love your public nudity pictures, I think it's wonderful you can express your exhibitionist so freely. I wish I could do the same."

"THANK YOU FOR SHARING. ... THINKING OF YOU GIVING PLEASURE & RECEIVING PLEASURE. ... My immagination runs wild. The solo-sex workouts and plus, more with a partner. Lucky you!"

"I think about you a lot, you are on my mind, especially after seeing your dossier of photos & information sbout you. ... I see you around my home, naked, I am observing you all the time. Sometimes, you are nude, doing the dishes, vacuum cleaning. :).  'Beauty  is in the eyes of beholder.' ... You are so sexy with a pinkish penis. More photo-shots of your butt, anus would be good for all your followers. Wish you much happiness & good health in your life!"

"Omggg baby so fuckin hot! Such a view and so clear pics & vids mmmm these what i love good quality so hot! I love to feel u every inch
I love these so much baby omg so clear i want to feel ur cum inside my ass and mouth ❤️💦😍💋😋🌲
Ure so good lookin and yummy i love those hairy body too yummm mmmm"

[my 'All parts of me are a sexual exhibitionist' pic]
"All parts are a great exhibition!!"

"I do so LOVE you Christofer!!!  You are so creative and in the face of the fuckers who take themselves so god damn seriously!  Keep it up baby!!!  I cheer you on and love your exhibitionism!  Love your cock also! :)"
"Awesome my man Christofer Döss !!  I'd would never leave your cock unattended!! <3 <3"

"Älskar se dig spruta kommer så mycket sperma"

"I'd like to fuck you and record it then show to the world what a fag you are"

"Out of all profiles l am still fascinated with yours. It's so natural, no pretence, you involved a lot of nature in your life. But Sweden has a lot of Nature Reserves, Woodland areas. It must be so great to get outdoors and be naked as well. That part of the world, you are freely allowed to do that, compare to other parts of the world. I wonder, if you have ever be caught in a compromising position. For example, leaning up against a tree, masturbating, and along comes a woman or a man, and they just want to come up to you, kneel down in front of you and perform oral-sex. And, you just let them, while you are enjoying the moment."

"Watched and saw a lot of it all. Nice. LOVED the cum shots...I wanna lick that cum....mmmmmm"

"helt galet grymma dropboxfilmer. vad mycket sperma du får ur dig WOW"

"Aww.... You are so cute, Christofer! You know what, I have been a fan since I first saw your sexy photos on tumblr a few years ago. Then I thought you disappeared for a while and I don't new photos. But now you are back, and I am having conversations with you like we are friends. I m so happy!! 😊😀😍🤗😘"

"REALLY appreciate all that you share, stud. You are amazing!"


Christofer Döss Sex Exhib restaurant restroom fun

If you haven't already discovered my Christofer Döss Sexual Exhibitionist exposure Twitter account, you can find it here at https://twitter.com/nakencrillebot/status/935896707799375872

Here below you find my latest thrilling and horny nude shots, from yesterday, inside and (almost) outside a restroom at a crowded restaurant.
If I had had more time I could've stepped out a bit more and be more exposed but they were already waiting to hand me the takeaway food...

I have also included a pic from this morning shower.