Christofer Döss most awesome nude walk - ever!

Last night I made the most awesome of all nude walks I have ever made, walking totally naked from my apartment down to the community center, here where I live! ❤❤❤

Before I decided to go down all the way to downtown, my first plan was just to roam the neighbourhood. And so I did. I went to and around every each and one of the five blocks that are in my closest hood, filming myself too every once in a while - and lots of people are living here.

This was a Friday night at only 1-2 o'clock so a lot of people could've been outside and around and everywhere I went there were streetlamps lighting my way and showing my naked and lustful body!

When I had finished my neighbourhood I though, What the heck, I'm so close to downtown so I might as well take the shot and go all the way - and that's what I did. Still all naked and no bag or anything like that with cloths, as a backup, with me, only dressed in my phone and sneakers.

On my awesome nude walk I passed, in this order, the bank and the pharmacy, the bathhouse, the center performing stage and center fountain. I passed one of the two bus stop shelters in the center, People's House and the other bus stop shelter, the library, another set of center apartment houses also filming myself again. I passed a pizzeria and the grocery store, the elderly housing center, the health center's and pharmacy's dock and the youth hostel.

Then heading back home I made a cum video, me lying on a bench beneath a lit street lamp fully visible for anyone that might have passed on the street or the pavement!

A couple of cars were driving around downtown during my nude walk and I could hear people talking from a distance but besides that there were no folks out at all, baring in mind this was indeed a Friday night, so there could've been a lot of people on the move too...

All in all this was about, more or less, a one hour awesome awesome awesome nude walk - the best awesome nude walk off then all!

More pix and vidz from this nude walk will be added here in this blog post shortly.

I've saved all files in my Dropbox:
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...and finally:
My public cum video on a bench beneath a lit street lamp.


Christofer Döss cock tied auto EXIF

5 Aug 2017
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Christofer Döss exposed on public Dropbox

Good morning guys! 

For those of you who happen to not already know me I am Christofer Döss the Swedish sexual exhibitionist and cum eating cock sucker aka the bisexual life enjoying nude model nakencrille, as I use to say.

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